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Thursday, 28 April 2011

price of gas and cottages

Is it just me, or has anyone seen the price of gas, have you seen the price of cottages lately.? Not in my life have I ever seen such a market. I for one cannot afford to waste money on a 2 hour drive to the cottage at $ 1.36 per liter, kids asking are we there yet, Daddy Riley ( the dog is getting sick)for a cottage I probably over paid for, only to buy extra food and alcohol for unwanted guest who will undoubtedly show up for the week end. Hold on , now you have to clean and vacuum, mow the lawn, and dust." Honey", I can't stay for the whole week end ,Johnny has a soccer game on Saturday and Judy has dance lessons Saturday afternoon, "let's go next week end instead, can't do that Bobby has a baseball tournament in London.

By the way dear, the property taxes are due on the cottage next week.

Sound familiar, can't enjoy that time away with the family anymore ,that's why more and more families are investing in their backyard and creating thier own Urban Oasis.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pool Painting in Toronto

Not all concrete pools need to re marbelited, a more economical solution would be to repaint your pool.
The above Toronto pools are a perfect example where the pool was experiencing flaking and cloudiness of water a quick acid bath, power wash and neutralizing agent, and your pool will appear new again at a fraction of the cost.
If you are experiencing these problems with your pool please contact us for a free assessment